With over 16 years in the grain marketing and origination sector, combined with over 7 years in risk management, I bring a dual expertise and understanding to your specific operation that is hard to find.

Working side by side may be the best, most comfortable way to educate, conquer your fear and take actionable steps forward for your farm. I would love to have a conversation with you about my customized approach of providing three one-on-one grain marketing coaching sessions.

Women in Agriculture

Over a third of the U.S. farmers are women, yet when I attend educational meetings, seminars, and workshops less than ten percent of the attendees are female. The current marketing information and educational delivery is not meeting the needs of the women on the farm.  Many women farmers have off farm jobs, parent or childcare responsibilities, scheduling conflicts, and lack of desire to sit in a meeting when the attendees are 80% or more male.

I have women farmer clients that during the workday also take care of grandchildren, or take granddaddy to his doctor’s appointments, or attend the school plays for their children, and so on which makes current offerings almost impossible to attend. That’s why one on one grain marketing coaching is a great educational alternative. 

You pick the topic, the goal, and then enjoy the implementation.

Coaching is the key!


Contact Erin and sign up for 3 Coaching Sessions.


Contact Erin and sign up for 3 Coaching Sessions.


Contact Erin and sign up for 3 Coaching Sessions.


First 30-minute session to discuss and identify the most pressing need


Second 60-minute session to investigate and educate


Last 30-minute session to implement an actionable steps

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